A little picture story on sprinlike bag combinations.


There are countless combinations of bag body and bag flap. For spring we wanted to show urban motives in a rural context.


tausche bags are made in Germany - but how and from who?


In 2014 we held an interview with tausche chief sewer Bettina Petter. She is talking about her work for tausche.


We renewed ourselves


Finally online - the new shop attends upon you


The story of Helmholtzplatz (Prenzlauer Berg) before tausche


We are on Helmholtzplatz since 2004. tausche was born here. We renovated the store ourselves, we even discovered it. It was vacant for years. For nine years to be precise. Before then it was a GDR-youth-club that managed to survive a few years after the wall came down. Until 1990 it was named "Otto Buchwitz". Willi Bergholz was a DJ here while being a college-student. There is an impressive documentary about that time and the club: „Einmal in der Woche schrein“ (DEFA 1982, direction: Günter Jordan, music: Pankow). The title means: "Scream once a week".